Construction Information Overview

B3 Family Room

Every home built by Larry Taylor Construction follows the standards listed below.

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Lot Selection

lot-selectionWhen selecting your property, keep in mind the direction of the lot. South facing properties are by far the most in demand as the lanai will have sun all day. If you prefer more shade, then a North facing lot may be a better choice for you.

A nice water view is another sought after feature. Sometimes it makes sense to buy an existing home in order to get the view you want, then tear the home down and build new. There is a savings on impact fees if building new within two years of tearing down the old home.

If the sea wall is an original wall, it will need to be replaced before building. Keep this cost in mind when purchasing a lot. Local marine contractors can do a sea wall inspection for you.

A boat will have to go under a bridge in order to get to the Gulf of Mexico from an indirect water lot. Most bridges have about 10′ of clearance at mean tide, be sure and check out bridge clearances if that is important to you. Direct water access properties have no bridges to go under.

Design and Build Process

We build custom homes and work closely with our Customers in the architectural design process. Starting with initial design meetings with the architectural design firm, we provide advice and follow up to keep the process moving and make sure that our Customers have a home design that they love and works for them.

After architectural plans are completed, we then have a local engineering firm design all of the structural components of the home such as concrete supporting beams and concrete piling layout.

Once architectural plans and engineering are completed, the home is priced out with subcontractors and suppliers to firm up the budget. It is at this point that we can make some informed budget decisions before proceeding, We have an open book policy, our Customers have access to all subcontractor and supplier pricing to help them understand where the numbers for construction costs are coming from.

There will be changes during construction, that’s the way it is with custom home building. Larry Taylor Construction doesn’t charge a fee for change orders, ever.

Foundation Pilings

Most Marco Island lots require concrete pilings when building. The pilings are 10″ x 10″  steel reinforced concrete and are located under the foundation, slab and swimming pool. They are driven with a pile driver to at least 10 tons capacity depending on engineering requirements. A typical home on an 80′ x 110′ lot will probably need 80 to 90 pilings. The project engineer will draw a plan showing the exact location and required capacity of each pile. The length of the pilings is determined by how many blows per foot it takes to reach capacity and can vary from 10′ long to as much as 40′ long depending on the lot.

Floor Height

The minimum living area floor height on Marco Island is 9′ above sea level. The garage floor is normally lower than the living area in order to keep the driveway from becoming too steep. We recommend the garage floor to be at 2.2′ above the road, this works out well without becoming too steep of a slope if the garage is 25′ from the front property line.

Concrete Block Masonry Construction

design-build-home-marco-islandConcrete block construction for the exterior structural walls is recommended for both first and second floors. Concrete exterior decks of  the second floor are also recommended as wood framed decks have often been associated with leaks and causing mold inside the home. Stucco siding adheres very well to block and seals out our heavy summer rains. Stucco can have many different textures and can even be made to look like wood lap siding.

Built for 170 MPH Winds

Current building codes for Southwest Florida require construction to withstand winds up to 170 mph. Windows have impact glass or window protection such as shutters. Impact glass is always in place and thus is the preferred method of protection. Shutters can be electric or manual roll down, accordion, or hinged. Storm panels are the most economical, they are stored until needed and then mounted in place. Impact curtains are also available. It is common to have impact glass around the home with shutters protecting the lanai area.

Roof tiles are screwed at the top of each tile and a foam adhesive is applied where the roof tiles overlap to make a continuous bond.

Entry doors, garage doors, roof trusses and windows must be engineered for high winds.


Planning ahead in the construction of your  home is critical in creating and keeping a construction schedule and in keeping a completion date. Larry completes a detailed construction schedule before breaking ground on a new project. Our subcontractors and suppliers have been with us for many years, they are the best at what they do and understand the importance of doing things right and getting their work completed on schedule.

We only take on the amount of work that we can handle properly. Your new home requires the utmost in attention by your Builder, we provide that and are known for the amount of time we spend checking & running our job sites. Larry Taylor Construction Inc. , your Marco Island Custom Home Builder!

Quality Follow Through

It’s one thing to say what you are going to do, it’s quite another to follow through above and beyond what was promised. That’s what we do at Larry Taylor Construction Inc., every detail of on going work is scrutinized several times daily by the Builder.

In construction, one thing leads to another. If something isn’t done correctly, it can effect how things finish & fit later on. Items such as out of square walls, out of plumb windows, crooked fascia. If not fixed, those items for example will lead to floor tile not meeting the wall square, window trims not fitting properly and roofing or gutters not meeting the fascia correctly. It is so important so have someone on site daily to supervise, coordinate and to be checking for quality fit and finishes. That someone should be your Builder, not a hired hand.

At Larry Taylor Construction Inc., we strive to achieve he best fit and finish possible as your Marco Island Builder.